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Top Teams Participating in F1 2021

In Formula 1's 68-year long history, many teams have come and gone. Some of them are hardly remembered and are only in the pages of history books, while others have made an indelible mark in history.

Teams like Ferrari became world-famous, while teams like Benton, Toyota, and Maserati were included in the history books. Based on our rankings on longevity, success, and innovation, today we see the argument for the top 5 teams of all time in F1 Grand Prix 2021.

Mercedes first competed in the 1954 FIFA One World Championship. It was an instant victory, winning the FIA ​​Driver's Championship in 1954 and 1955. The team withdrew from motor racing in 1955 due to the tragic catastrophe of Le Mans.

Although the team came in various styles, most notably engine builders, in the 1990s, the group returned to the F1 in 2010. A change in engine rules in 2014 brought back the days of team prestige.

Since 2014, the Mercedes F1 team has competed in 79 races, winning pole position in 71 races and winning 63. It resulted in the team winning the 4th Driver and Constructors Championship in a row in 2014. Pressured to say which top teams he was referring to, he did not name them but clarified who they were: "We are talking about one or two units. Daimler, I think that's the situation. Acknowledging is doing a great job. So you can reduce who the other teams are.

Marketing Platform of F1 Grand Prix:

"It's a great marketing platform for these two teams, so I think that's where they want to balance now. But in the game, you want to believe that everyone can fight pretty and be the best. The team can win. "I think they need to build confidence. It's like a heavyweight who wants to fight Middle White. These are great teams, they have to be ready to fight on an equal partnership, and I think that's what sports fans want. "

Brown contrasted the F1 grand Prix situation with the Indy Car series, where everyone has the same equipment, but the best-balanced teams usually come out on top in one season.

"If you look at indie car racing, Roger Pensky has the same car like any other car, he has one of the engines, and he wins most of the time. I still think the biggest and best teams, The most prominent brands, will attract the best drivers, the best engineers.

"But right now, the distance between front and back is a second, and it's the tenth in the Indy car. If you look at the Indy car's season, it's going to be Pensky or Anderti or Gansi who wins the championship; they always do. But you have three or four impressive winners in a year, so it's interesting to race because you think who can win, but you don't bank it.

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