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Physical Assessment Vs Online Assessment

This article examines the issue of whether linguistics is more appropriate for the face (F2F) environment. Specifically from the online learning environment, it tests assessment scores and student feedback. The effectiveness of an introductory linguistics course at an undergraduate state university. Taught more than once in both online assessment Rotterdam and F2F methods. Data was collected to study this issue. Both versions of the course include the types of students enrolled, their GPA, and course degrees.

A. The survey was also used to ask students about their experiences with both closed and open questions. And impressions about both environments.

Students answered questions on such factors. Delays, engagement with socially sensitive discussion topics, discussion format priorities, and motivations for course enrollment. The results of the data make it difficult to think that linguistics (and Perhaps other subjects are equally suitable for online and F2F environments because students are better.

Engage more in academic and F2F linguistics courses. The results also show that with students.

High GPAs attract F2F classes.

Of course, convenience is fundamental.

Students consistently note one of the reasons for choosing online linguistics vs. course.

F2F counterparts Nevertheless, the results show some effect in the treatment of linguistic content online. Suggestions and strategies for further strengthening the online delivery of linguistic content. Overcome some of the structural barriers posed by student enrollment patterns and (dis) engagement.


When we first decided to teach introductory linguistics as an online course in our undergraduate at the institution, at first, we had some misgivings. One colleague remarked, "Wait. Linguistics. Online you and your students do not need to learn, create and analyze random voices with you.

Mouth? How is it working? "It simply came to our notice then Baseless When we started developing online and hybrid versions of the course, a lot of humanity and Social science courses have already been taught in an online format at our university for many years. But Until then, linguistics was taught only as a face-to-face (F2F) course. We had no precedent for it Follow us and also, depending on the fields such as phonetics and syntax,

It could be taught by accident, without a chalkboard, in a useless virtual space. Besides, the reduction

Both the precedent and the recognition of educational principles for linguistic content online

The current scholarship has become clear to us. To our knowledge, very little has been published and researched

About the usefulness and ingenuity of providing online introductory linguistics courses.


One concern about GPA data collection through this method was that there were five online courses.

And five F2F courses were taught by two different faculty members. Thus it is possible that students.

Choose your courses based on the professors' reputation and not whether the courses were online or not.

F2F offerings. So a second comparison was made. It searched for GPA online vs. F2F sections.

For students in sections taught by the same professor

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